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Here are what some of our friends and customers have had to say. We try not to blush - it's a little uncool when you are a motorcycle mechanic... Thanks to everyone for their kind words!

Be sure to scroll down - we are really glad our seminars are a hit!

Shop Services:

"Unlike dealerships that are constantly pushing inventory to meet their sales quota, ECS focuses on the most important issue which is service. Their is no facade here and you deal directly with the people servicing your motorcycle. I've had numerous bad experiences with both Ducati and BMW in the NYC area, until I was fortunate enough to meet Steve and the gang. I consider them friends and go out of my way to support them in the same way that they support me. This is a rider's shop operated by riders."
"Steve & the crew are the best.I have 3 ducati dealers & shops all within 10 to 30 min from my house in long island but prefer to take my 1199 track bike to ECS - that's about 2 hours away every time. Fair #s good knowledgeable people & excellent service."
"Steve and his crew do a wonderful job. They take the time to explain to you what needs to be done to your bike and what they recommend. I had a bad experience with another Ducati shop in the area and when I went to ECS I knew that it was the real deal. I know that when I’m riding the street or I’m doing a track day my bike is tight and safe. All I can say is you get what you pay for. Great Job keep it up."
"A few friends and I were riding upstate and I blew a tire. Tube, Metzler tire for Moto Guzzi. Not rare but not a common fix. Called 2 places, no luck and they gave me ECS number. To be honest didn't even know the name of the shop was given the number from the other 2 shops I had tried. ECS came and picked me up, the driver Frankie was an awesome companion on the ride back to the shop (40mins). Arrival at the shop eas Matthew greeting me and throwing the bike up on the lift. Since I had time we started talking old Ducati's, Moto Guzzi, MV Augusta, etc. Everyone in the shop were friendly. Made me feel like it was my local shop. As opposed to my actual local Brooklyn shops where pretentiousness is rampant. Matthew even called me up the following day to make sure I made it back to Brooklyn Ok on the tire they repaired. Its the little things. I look forward to being in touch with them."
"Just a quick shout out for ECS. Quality work and an exacting attention to detail. After 2 years of pain from having my Multi come back from the Dealer f'd up every single time, this feels so good.
Aside from the standard 6K service, ECS refreshed the front forks, tapered steering head bearings, chain & sprockets, suspension setup etc....
I finally got to take it out today for a few hours. Let me tell you - I quit smoking last year, but after the ride I needed a cigarette. The front end feels 1000% better. It tracks the line over bumps and ripples instead of chattering and tucking. The motor was smooth and pulled hard. The bike felt better overall than it has in a very long time. Felt so good I had to do a few WFTC [1] to celebrate. : ) Thanks Steve & Sean!!!"
"Thank you everyone who referred ECS for my bike's service...great and very talented crew. Best experience so far....
It's well worth the hour ride from NYC...
also it was great meeting some desmo ppl.....roger/ linda/david. ..."
"Well lil' yella is officially a 200+ lber bike. Steve of ECS fame swapped out the standard fork springs and put a set on worthy of holding a 200+ frame (perhaps ++?). It was fun watching Steve perform the black art of setting up the damping, both bump and rebound. .......push Is that Rush in the background? :) The front now joins the rear in perfect ride height spec and I was anxious to go for a ride, but there was some small details left.
I got the Woodcraft clutch cover (with a slider on it!) to protect the clutch and also a water pump cover slider. I figure this is a track bike, and the two things I'd rather not deal with (besides not actually going down) are mashing my slipper clutch, or grinding my water pump cover down. They're cheap enough (certainly compared to carbon fiber pieces) and good insurance, imo.
With the body work on, the Axeljak cover basically barely fits. This is '02 style 748/998 bodywork. It's a slim profile (good for aero!) but not much room for adding little chunks of aluminum. It's race body work anyway and the kickstand started to jam up due to the bulge. Out comes the cutting tools and Steve goes to town cutting out a section so the cover sticks out a little bit. Shave off a little by the kickstand for good luck and it's good to go. Time to exercise my freewill... get some wind in my hair.... hear some mechanical music...and feel some adrenaline surge.
Thanks guys it was another great experience.. .two weeks away from Beaver Run. C'mon global warming!"
The big difference is that I actually want to ride the bike longer distances. I don't think about the rear shock anymore [and the bone jarring sensations through my spine from sharp edged bumps] and think now more about the action of the forks - which could be better. More on that latter. The compression damping seems much better now the spring rate is correct.
"Thanks very much to Steve and Sean at ECS [shameless plug] both MV certified mechanics with a 'privateer' mindset who devoted their time and effort to sorting this bike out.....Brilliant job guy's - you guys are the shit"
Quacker998 on
"I had my Brute worked on by European Cycle Services this past week. Tires, suspension upgrades, service exc. I have never been treated so well. BTW you can walk in the shop! The selling dealer dropped the MV line and told me I was SOL. Anyway ECS is 60 miles to the west of me in Middletown N.Y. and was worth the trip!"
Dutch on

ECS Seminars

"Hi all,

I just got back from the Service seminar and all I can say is THANK YOU STEVE/SEAN! From this point on, there is no other place I will ever take my Duc. They are welcoming, friendly, and just experts at their craft.

For any novices out there like myself, I highly recommend you take this class without fear of feeling out of place. Yes, the valve adjustments were way over my head, but you can still learn so much! I am a true novice. I never used a torque wrench, never knew how to change the oil, or even understood what a preload on the spring was. I came out of here being confident enough to change my own oil, bleed out my brakes (yes I said bleed and understand it now), even change the timing belts (Steve found a bad bearing and replaced it like new)!

This class is also superb for people that really know alot about Duc maintenance already. I was there with extremely knowledgeable mechanics and they really got to deal with the more intensive parts.

They gave me hands on experience in these invaluable skills and even worked on my own bike! It was absolutely amazing to be able to go through the steps without fear of damaging the bike or anything.

Steve even noticed that my throttle body sync (ok i keep forgetting the name exactly) was not checked during my 600 mile service (at a dealership) and FIXED IT as part of the class!

My bike runs and sounds so more alive now! THIS WAS TRUELY A MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE and you will most likely see me at the Full Service as well. Maybe I'll drive instead of ride to that one. It was pretty cold!

I found a new shop (actually, I never really had a shop because I just did not trust anyone until now), learned great maintenance skills, and made new friends. Everyone that joined the seminar was really great. Hope to see you guys again soon!


PS: I am not afraid of working on my Duc anymore! Because even if I mess up, ECS is around to get me back on my feet :)"

"I just wanted to thank Steve, Jay and Sean for a really fun weekend. I have been working on motorcycles for a long time and I learned a ton of new stuff this weekend. I am not afraid of my valves or forks anymore! This is a great class for everyone no matter if you are first timer or experienced bike wrench. The guys covered so much stuff I just I can't say enough. I also would like to thank Ron for letting us work on his super lite and Walter, Chris, Armen and Ron for some great stories and laughs. Any one who wants to work on their duc should take one of these classes!

2002 M900 Dark"

"Just came home from the first ECS Duck school. Two days of twirling wrenches, taking notes, eating way too many donuts, sniffing various petrochemical fumes and consuming mass quantities of complex carbohydrates.

In between being sociable and eating and talking, we were walked through a bunch of death defying acts such as:
2 and 4 valve, vavle adjustments
belt replacement
chain adjustment
oil and filter change
brake and clutch fluid replacement
steering head check, replacement and adjustment
fork rebuilding including installing a Racetech valve thingie
going over problem areas on the bikes
throttle body synch
And a buch of other goodies I forgot.
The class was a bit free form, as Jay and Steve didn't know what/who to expect, and tailored the class a bit to our needs. At one point, the less experienced folks were bleeding brakes and clutch with Steve while Jay and I were going Mano-a-Mano with a 748 valve adjustment. Ron Barr volunteered his beautiful 900 Sorta Light for the shock twiddle, fork rebuild, and shifter linkage fondle. Chris volunteered his Multi for the throttle body synch and butt sniff (exhaust analyzer).
All in all, I can't believe it was only $190 for two days including lunch and donuts. I spend more that that on just donuts on the average weekend.
Hard to imagine anyone couldn't save the price of the class doing one thing or merely being able to sound non-clueless when bringing their bike to a shop.
There are classes in December and January. Sign up fast. You snooze, you lose.
Yeah, I know they are the competition, but they are dong a great job.

Armen Amirian
Mo'Sickle Maintenance Instructor,
Knowhow Workshop, Queens College "