The ECS Story
Steve Saucier founded European Cycle Services in 2007. With hard work and dedication, ECS has become the most trusted and most welcoming shop specializing in Ducati, Aprilia, Triumph, KTM and MV Agusta. The shops location had humble beginnings - the right amount of space and a particularly roomy and well paved parking lot - but has proved to be the perfect base of operations. Beautiful roads are close at hand, including routes up Bear Mountain, and being near enough to New York City and Metro North rail lines has allowed the shop to grow and serve a wide spread and diverse group of fun-loving motorcyclists. With nearly 30 years of motorcycle and mechanical experience, the ECS Team looks forward to providing you with the best service, price and turnaround for many more years to come.

Stephen Saucier
I was born in Witchita, Kansas, but raised in Rhode Island since I was 1 1/2 years old. My parents bought me my first mini bike when I was 8 or 10, and I had that for a couple of years before moving on to a Honda Trail 70. After that, we bought a 1980 Yamaha Enduro 125 - another great bike to have growing up. And then it happened! I traded the Yamaha for a 1983 Suzuki RM 125 motorcross race bike. I had to learn how to do my own repairs really fast so I could ride with my friends. I had the Suzuki for a few years then traded that for a Kawaski Mojove 250 4-wheeler, which was a great, but I really missed motorcycles.

Ater high school I went to Ohio Auto/Diesel Tech to persue my career as an auto desiel tech. After graduating in 1992, I worked at alot of auto dealers and indepented repair shops. I worked hard and made Chrysler Master Technician by 1997. In the early 90's I bought and rode several different street bikes, and in 1997 I bought my 1st Ducati, my M900 Monster.

Then it happened again! I met Jay Frischman at a Connecticut Superide in late 1998.We exchanged phone numbers and have been in touch ever since. In 2000, Jay was working at Rockwell Cycles running the shop. Jay was looking for help in the shop, and I was looking to leave the automobile world. At the time I was serviceing my own Ducati: valve adjustment, forks seals, etc (I'd had trouble with several local dealers never making it right). So, in 2000, I moved to New York to persue a career as a motorcycle technician. I worked at Rockwell Cycles and went to Ducati training down in Florida. I stayed at Rockwell until 2003, then went back to woking at a Chevy dealer for a few years. In 2005 I went to Cliff's Cycle Revolutions for a year and a half, but the commute was way to long (even on a Ducati). I left there and was uncertain what I was going to do next. As Jay and I had always kept in touch, he mentioned (along with a bunch of friends and customers) that I should open a motorcycle repair shop. In early 2007 Jay and I started European Cycle Services a place where you can bring your European motorcycle for good, honest, reliable repairs and a quick turn around time.

A wizard with an airgun, a maestro of magnesium - Sean never fails to fix your problem motorcycles. With decades of expert experience servicing Ducati's he knows a thing or two
about bottom ends, timing and how exactly to fabricate and fit that super cool bracket.
Ever the placid balanced temperament, never excitable he just gets it done, in his own time
with the stoicism, resignation and fortitude of a Greek scholar. Attention to detail is his middle name.