Looking to drop lap times, have your bike run better or just be able to “paddle shift”?
ECS can help, we can perform the following services for your Ducati Panigale, Diavel and select Multistradas with Mitsubishi ecu's:
• Custom ECU mapping for each cylinder to for maximum performance.
• Install a quickshifter (or fine tune a factory installed quickshifter) for fastest, smoothest full throttle upshifts
• Install gearshift pressure switch for Auto Blip, clutchless downshifts

Clutchless downshifts?? How does this work??
To downshift without the clutch, you need to be off the throttle and all you do is press down on the shift lever and the gearshift pressure switch triggers the ECU to do a quick blip of the throttle allowing the transmission to drop right into the next lower gear. Auto blip provides faster and smoother downshifts than you could ever do on your own.

Note: Rider is responsible for there own action while riding there motorcycle!