Shop Favorites

We've got a short list of parts and accessories that are favorites of our customers, and that we know work really well. We've fitted these to street and race bikes and know what fits, what's comfortable, and even what crashes well. Enjoy!

Tire Warmers:
Moto-D - Track day junkies and racers know the importance and safety of having properly heated tires. Moto-D Pro Series warmers use carbon wire (vs others who use copper which gets brittle and fails) because "failure" is not an option. When combined with their Two Year "No Hassle" Warranty, they are the best option around.

Machined Lightweight Flywheel:

The flywheel is used to control the level of inertia in your engine's crankshaft and rotating mass. This helps a street bike run more smoothly at low engine speeds, but is counterproductive on a race or track bike. Lightening this piece allows the engine to spin-up more quickly, as well as reducing its gyroscopic effect, allowing your bike to turn-in more easily. For most applications, we prefer to machine the stock flywheel to make it lighter, as well as remove significant mass from the outer portion of the flywheel, reducing the moment of inertia (MOI) significantly. We machine specific weight flywheels for race and streetbikes - both offer significant improvements in performance. If your bike feels a little sluggish and has lost its youthful feel a lightened flywheel may well be the answer to your prayers and your wallet. A quick and relatively inexpensive way to make your bike feel like it has just gained 20 hp. highly recommended!


Woodcraft - These are great clip-ons that replicate the angle of the stock bars. The clamp part is two pieces and can be installed / removed without pulling the top triple, and the bar is a separate piece - both of these features make them great for race bikes. The clamps and bars can all be ordered separately so you can keep spares in your race kit. The bars themselves are about an inch and a half longer - you can run them this length (great leverage!) or push them in to the stock position. You can even trim them to length. They are also very economical.

Heli Bars - These one piece bars are designed for comfort. They bring your hands back and upwards, taking stress off your wrists, lower back and neck. If you make serious miles, or get stuck in traffic often, these will help out a lot.

SpeedyMoto - These clip-ons are extremely trick. Bars and clamps are separate, with clamps that raise the bar position 20mm - you can set them lower than this if you want - and bars that have a bend in them near the mount point so you can adjust the bar angle by turning them in the clamps. Thankfully, SpeedyMoto has thought of everything and included indexing marks to you can easily achieve the same bar angle on both sides. Very cool indeed.

Steering Damper:

Ohlins - The industry standard and racer's choice due to its adjustability, durability and the fact that you can service and rebuild them thanks to top level parts support. Models/mounting kits are available for just about any Ducati out there.

Ducati Performance - These dampers are very well made and fully adjustable. And, they seem to offer the best option for mounting on the 848. A solid piece and very useful.


Woodcraft - As with their clip-ons, these are built tough to work really well. They are affordable, have easily attainable spares at the track, and crash well.

Giles - These are well made and fairly economical. Most of all, they offer a large range of adjustment and work well for long legged riders.

Ducati Performance - These are not exactly cheap, but boy are they worth the money! They look great, are very adjustable, and offer optional folding pegs and levers, just like the GP bikes. Very trick and very cool.

Front Brake Master Cylinders and Levers:

Brembo Radial MCs RCS with Folding Lever -These offer great feel and control and increase your braking power. We just love them! Folding levers save you when you dump it - a must for race and track bikes.

CRG levers - These are very cool and allow you to upgrade your stock master cylinders to folding levers. They are available in different colors. Non-folding levers are available in short and long versions to suit your every need.

Clutch cover:

Axljak Racing - This is very tough and affordable piece.

Woodcraft - Tough as it gets, with an added metal slider that takes the abrasion damage in a crash. The aluminum sliders come in different colors and in a stainless steel version, too!

SpeedyMoto - With several designs and levels of crash protection, these are a very cool way to give your clutch a breather. Some of them show so much pressure plate that you'll want to upgrade that, too! Of course, they've got you covered there as well.

Clutch Slave Cylinder:

Yoyodyne / NCR / STM - Some of the older Ducati's suffered from leaky clutch masters. This can leave you unable to engage the clutch and out of luck. Aftermarket versions remedy this, and some designs offer different cylinder bores to change the effort of the clutch pull. This can be tricky to get right, so give us a ring to make sure we get you the right one for your bike.

Water pump protector:

SpeedyMoto - This piece replaces the entire water pump. It's billet - so it's tough, and it fits under the stock bodywork.

Axljak Racing - This one goes over the stock water pump so it costs less than the SpeedyMoto. It's a bit thicker, so you need to be using aftermarket / race bodywork. They work really well, and are our go-to for race bikes.

Front Axle Sliders:

SpeedyMoto / Motovation Accessories - Protecting your fork lowers is a good idea - they aren't exactly cheap. Both of these pieces run a rod through the axle and take good care of your front end.

Slipper Clutch:

Yoyodyne - Yoyo's slippers are tried and true - on the street and especially the track! There are a few different options - ramp angle / number of teeth (12T so you can use stock plates - good when you burn your stack and need to bum one from another racer - and 48T which have four times as many contact points so they wear a bit longer, stay smooth and a little quieter). Rock solid and great parts / race support from Yoyodyne.

Ducati Performance - These are super high quality and straight from Ducati. They work really well and are the best option if you want to stick to stuff from the factory.


Ohlins - Whether it's front forks or the rear shock, Ohlins offers the highest quality in design, parts and support. Their product range is fairly deep with solutions offered for those who just want the best there is, or need to get as close as they can on a budget.

25/30mm cartridge kits -Upgrade both older Ohlins as well as Showa. These are what you need if you are running in a Superstock class where you must keep your stock forks, or if you just want to take advantage of a more economical way to improve things up front.

Valving upgrades - Changing your valving and shim stack can have a huge benefit in feel and compliance from the front end. A great way to fine-tune forks that already work well.

Springs - Correct spring rate is vital to both the safety and rideability of your bike. We've got lots of different spring rates in stock so we can set you up right the first time.

Race Tech - Great quality and functionality can be had affordably as well. Race Tech offers some interesting solutions to get your suspension sorted using mostly stock components without breaking the bank.

Gold Valve Kits - These improve the damping in your existing cartridge fork

25mm Cartridge Kit - If the stock cartridge isn't good enough to just change the valving, you can replace the complete internals with this kit and be in great shape before you know it.

Gold Valve Emulator - Probably the coolest thing Race Tech has done for vintage racing can also be taken advantage of for the street. These kits setup a traditional damping rod fork to work like a modern cartridge fork. About as good as it gets for older fork designs.

Springs - And, to make all of these upgrades work best for you, Race Tech offers a complete set of springs so you can set everything up for your weight and riding style.

Lightweight / Magnesium Wheels :
We can't say enough good things about running lighter wheels. They make your bike go faster in a straight line and help you turn in better too. They are lighter, and usually better looking than the stock stuff too!

Marchesini - The Forged Magnesium rims from Marchesini seem to be the rims to beat in the motorcycle world. They are silly light, and their design keeps as much of their minimal weight toward the center of the wheel as possible. This reduces the MOI and gyroscopic effects compared to more traditional five spoke designs. They are available in different widths - 5.5" / 6" rear for exapmple - as well as both 17" and 16.5" diameters.

Marvic - Traditionally a less expensive alternative to the Marchesini, Marvic offers huge value and exceptional design. They make very beautiful wheels, and we think the new Assen Superbike wheel is just drop dead gorgeous. They are available in all the sizes you need, as well as in some color options not found with the other brands. Great buy.

OZ Racing - OZ has come out with new lightweight forged aluminum designs for Ducati. On both price and weight they are very competitive with the offerings in Magnesium from Marchesini and Marvic, and usually are the more affordable option. We've had good experience with them so far, and will keep you posted and we continue to race with them.

Somehow, replacing your bikes stock exhaust has become as much a mode of personal expression as an effort to increase performance. All of these exhausts below will serve you well. You just get to decide on the price/quality, and most importantly - THE SOUND.

Ducati Performance / Termignoni - These designs are both beautiful and very durable. Termignioni is basically an extension of the Ducati tuning department, and as such, these slip-ons and full systems come with a Ducati Perfomance ECU and replacement air filter so less remapping is required.

Leo Vince - These systems are a bit more affordable than some others, and offer very good quality for the money. In particular, they make a full system that works well on the 848.

Arrow - Another good choice, about the same as Leo Vince in terms of price and quality. They are styled a little differently and sound, well, like a proper Arrow system should - just awesome!

Sil Motor - These are a bit less common in our shop, but there's one system of theirs that we really like. It's a 3/4 system for 748/853 motors that uses the stock (narrow) header pipe, opens dramatically to a large collector, then tapers back down a bit for the cans which include a bit of baffling. This produces a noticeable scavenging effect and makes good power.

Zard - Unique designs seem to be what Zard is all about. Their pipes for Sport Classics and Paul Smart replicas are some of the coolest we've ever seen. A great alternative to the traditional stuff from Termignoni. They work really well too.

Carbon Fiber
If it bolts on, it's probably available in carbon fiber. Quality can be all over the map however, so we like to stick to two brands to make sure you get the best.

Shift Tech - These guys offer the best in terms of consistency and quality. The finish is top notch, with a nice shiny gel coat that will keep your carbon looking good for a long time.

Ducati Performance - Being from the factory, fit is almost always perfect. Ducati Performance carbon is always very light, with a nice tight weave that looks like it's right from the race department - because for the most part, it is!

Race Bodywork:

Sharkskins - The best fit and finish we have been able to find. The amount of hassle and shop time fitting most cheaper products never turns into savings for our customers. So, we just use the best whenever we can.

Armour Bodies - Armour Bodies has turned out to be our go - to for race bodywork. The resin that they are using allows for strength and flexibility that we've not seen before in race bodywork, and we've had exceptional results with them in terms of survivability in a crash. Also, they are very affordable for most applications - though they are not pre-drilled and so cost a little more to instal. All in all, they are our dollar for dollar recommendation, hands down.