Performance: Race / Track

Riding a bike on a track can be one of the most rewarding and eye opening experiences a motorcycle can provide. Not only do we all like to have massive amounts of fun at the track, we think track riding and riding / race schools have a huge benefit for your safety and enjoyment on the road. A very large percentage of our customers ride on the track – over a huge range of speeds, and abilities. We’ve got racers we look after, and we’ve got friends who just like to ride without worrying about street traffic or flashing lights… We help put together track days, get bikes sorted, and transported all year long, so come join us. You’ll be grinning inside your helmet so hard we’ll be able to see it from the pits.


Setting up a suspension for the track can be very simple, or very, very complicated depending on your skill level and speed. If you are just getting started we can adjust what you’ve got to work well and when you are ready we can help you upgrade. On the street your suspension has to deal with a much greater range of things: bumps, pot holes, panic stops and long, long days in the seat. When you get to the track you don’t need your suspension to respond to all of those different things – in fact it can be dialed in so specifically as to be different for each track you visit. Ducati Superbikes have almost infinitly adjustable suspension geometry. Finding the right setup for your riding style and the track can seem daunting, but it comes down to getting the geometry right through adjustments to fork angles and offset, swing arm angles and length, selecting the spring rates, and then dialing it all in with damping to keep things working right for the specifics of the surface and style. It sounds like a lot of work, but the rewards are huge and you will go faster.


Depending on whether you are doing track days or racing, or how you like to deal with corners, you may need a ton of braking power, or you might be fine with what you’ve already got. However, no matter what your choices are, when sailing into turn one at 140mph, your brakes ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO DO WHAT YOU WANT THEM TO. We can upgrade your master cylinder, lines and calipers to and help you select pads and rotors to maximize your braking potential. We’ve got access to the best components in the world – anything you want to do, we can make happen.

Weight Reduction

Racers need their bikes to weigh as little as possible. Track day riders need their bikes to weigh less in the right places. We can strip everything off your bike and replace it with carbon fiber and magnesium for the ultimate in lightweight running, or we can just get rid of the heavy stuff.

A good place to start is un–sprung weight. That is everything that exists at the end of your suspension, namely your wheels and brake components. Light weight wheels simply transform the handling and acceleration of your bike. Just think – all that mass in those heavy wheels must be spun up to high rotational speeds to make your bike accelerate in addition to moving the rest of the weight of the bike and rider. And then you’ve got the problem of having two enormous gyroscopes making your life difficult when you try and lean the thing over – gyros only want to move on a plane perpendicular to the axis of their rotation – i.e. the direction your bike is ALREADY going. Want to turn more precisely, and more quickly? Get rid of weight here first.

Once we’ve explored lighter wheels, rotors, bolts etc, lightning the back of the bike will help with weight distribution and handling – lighter sub–frames and fender eliminators are a step in the right direction. Switching to carbon fiber bodywork, and even a carbon fuel tank will save considerable weight and keep your precious stock bodywork from harm in the even of an unfortunate moment. Lighter rear subframes, cut down wiring harnesses, and re-located ECUs are all ways to save a few pounds. If you are really serious, we can even eliminate the keyed ignition, gas cap and tail lock! There’s something extra cool about riding a bike that doesn’t need a key…

Engine Work

If you’re racing or have a dedicated track bike we get to take engine work to a whole new level. We can run more aggressive cams, larger valves, higher compression pistons and get you set up for race gas. We love building race motors, and the key to success is ensuring that reliability goes hand in hand with performance. We know how to put a complete package together that will make power and be as strong and reliable as you need it to be. You aren’t going to win races, get faster or have any fun if your highly strung motor breaks just when you are getting used to all that new power. And besides, we’d much rather see you drop by on Saturday riding your street bike and hear about your race, than have you show up frustrated with a broken motor. Please note though, we do this level of work for race / track motors, only.

Dyno Tuning

Making all the parts work together is what engine building is all about. Tuning on a Dyno lets us set up each variable to work together to make to most power in a usable way. We can adjust cam timing, ignition timing, and fueling to make sure that when the power comes on, it comes on smooth and strong with no surprises - spikes or holes in the torque curve that will make the bike hard to ride. Carefully tuning each variable and studying exactly what the motor wants at different speeds and loads will make the difference between a motor that feels flighty or flat and one that makes you want to ride the wheels off of it because you trust it.

A new service we are proud to offer is custom mapping on stock Ducati and Ducati Performance ECUs. We can map 5.9 Magneti Marelli and later ECUs, with custom fuel maps on individual cylinders for serious horsepower gains.

In addition, we build custom maps for all the systems below:



Power Commander

Tune Boy

Tune ECU