Track Info:

Getting to know a track takes time, effort and hopefully, someone who will show you around. Here are maps and lap videos from some of the circuits we like best. Spending a little time here before you ride a track for the first time will help you be faster and more comfortable. Note - the videos posted here may show slow laps, or have annoying audio, but we picked them because they give you a good sense of where the track goes. Enjoy!

-- Please Note -- You can click on the track maps to download a PDF.

NJMP Thunderbolt -

Thunderbolt is the longer of the two tracks at the NJMP facility. It's 2.25 miles and has a much more technical layout than Lightning. There's lots of subtle things about this track that you have to get right if you want to put a fast lap together. A great thing about both of these tracks is that on some weekends there will be a race event at one track and a track day going on at the other so racers and non racers can share rides and hotel rooms.

NJMP Lightning -

Lightning is a very fast and flowing track - it's also fairly short at 1.9 miles. While it's only technical in a few places, being fast around here isn't as simple as it looks. Turn one is a blast, approaching the left under the bridge is an interesting place to pass. The nature layout of the track and its short length make it a great track for new riders - you get comfortable fairly quickly and it's super fun!

NHIS Louden -

Louden is a notoriously difficult track to master and is an incredible amount of fun once you start to get to know it. It's been around for a long time and is legendary for it's quirks. If you can go fast and win races here, you'll be fast everywhere. There have been some improvements to safety in recent years which we are glad to see as well. Louden has been "home track" to many of us here at ECS so come along with us and we'll show you around!

Calabogie (eh?) -

This track is sweet beyond sweetness. 3.05 miles long, 20 turns and 40 foot wide everywhere. The surface is so good that is seems like someone goes out there with a giant rolling pin every morning to make sure it's just right. There's a lot of track to learn, but it is worth it. The drawback is that it's way out in the trees in Canada and the mosquitos are big enough to cast shadows. Also watch out for moose, bears, turtles and the occasional CHIPMUNK! running onto the track.

Summit Main -

Like Louden, Summit has been around for a while. And like Louden, it's surface is a bit on the interesting side. It's a fantastic track though and offers plenty of high speed with a very, very technical section on the back side. Endless fun, and the home track guys there are some of the most friendly you will find.