Dyno Tuning

A motor is basically an air pump. Getting air and fuel into the engine in the correct ratio at different engine speeds followed by efficent removal of the spent mixture from the cylinder is what allows you to make power and make the most use of your fuel. Yes, even on exotic Italian bike's fuel economy is important! Using a Dyno gives us the best picture of what your motor is doing and where it needs to be corrected – does it stumble at certain RPM and engine loads? Building a custom map allows us to optimize and correct the fuel/air ratio, and depending on which bike you've got, we can even map ignition timing to make even more power. This isn't just for superbikes either. Whether it's a 916, a 1098, an ST4, or a 620Monster, we can dial it in to where it runs like a dream and breaths like a proper motor should.

A new service we are proud to offer is custom mapping on stock Ducati and Ducati Performance ECUs. We can map 5.9 Magneti Marelli and later ECUs, with custom fuel maps on individual cylinders for serious horsepower gains.

Dynomometer detail -
Dyno set-up has been an important part of our business at ECS for over 8 years. With hundreds of bikes through our doors we really do know our business when it comes to motorcycle fueling. Having learned the hard way with carburetors we have transferred this valuable old-school knowledge to modern injection systems gives us a unique position to set up your bike.
We often hear people saying ‘I’ve downloaded the map for my bike’ Well congrats, but it’s not for your bike only for one similar. No two engines are the same and no two run exactly the same way.
To us there is only one answer for your bike and what it needs - custom mapping. After spending thousands of dollars on your bike and then hundreds more on specific exhaust systems, is it not worth making sure your bike starts and runs perfectly throughout the entire rev range?
At ECS we’re not all about peak HP, while it is a nice consequence of correct fueling it is not our only aim. We like to go for all round ride ability by creating a direct connection between throttle and rear tire that lets you feel available traction. By doing this you will have the smoothest and fastest accelerating bike than those who focus on those few bhp at peak rpms; HP may win ego arguments but not necessarily races!
For European V-twin engines we offer tuning where each cylinder is mapped separately. A V-Twin by its nature will have different running temperatures for the front and rear cylinders and will therefore have different fuel requirements, by mapping separately each cylinder will be getting perfect fueling and not a compromise.
please be aware there needs to be lambda bungs fitted to the exhaust headers to make this possible
For inline four engines we offer custom mapping with one map for all four cylinders. Again we concentrate on ride ability and not just all out HP. Your bike will feel youthful and muscular after our custom tuning. Smoother, cooler running and in some cases more fuel efficient releasing the full potential of the engine provides many benefits not readily apparent.