New and Used Bike Checkup

If it’s new, or especially if it’s used, you should have your bike checked out before you ride. There are basic safety and maintinance items that must be looked at and made sure of, and with Ducati motorcycles there are other more specific things that need to be inspected. We can take care of this once you’ve bought the bike, but we also recommend bringing a potential purchase to us if you can – we can help you make the right call on whether or not a bike is as it should be – safe and set up right.

Starting off on the right foot with a new bike is important if you want it to last and you want to trust it. That first look we take at your bike can tell us a lot about it. Just because it's new, doesn't mean it's exactly as it should be. Ducati motorcycles are still more handmade than most bikes, and as such, can be a little different from one to the next. Giving it a knowledgeable, solid going-over can save a lot of trouble further down the line. There are small things where we can save you a lot of head scratching, and larger things that we hopefully won't have to find. And EVERY used bike needs to be fully inspected and safety checked. We know these bikes and will make sure that if it's not right, you know right away and we'll help you fix it.

Here are some examples of things we like to look at on bikes new to our shop:

All Years, All Models:
We inspect the following: steering head bearings, front and rear wheels, brake pads, swing arm and linkage, and we look for fluid leaks from the forks, shocks, and engine.

All Ducati Models 1991 - 2000:
Check flywheel nut torque. For this, Ducati issued a service bulletin. We recommend removing the left engine cover and re-torquing the flywheel nut, and while we are in there, replacing the layshaft lock washer and adjusting the shifter control fork if it has not already been done. All sorts of bad things can result from not taking care of this - premature clutch wear, broken crankshafts and left engine covers.

Super Sport 900 1993-1996:
We check the cylinder head studs to see if they have been replaced. These years of the 900SS had brittle cylinder head studs which would break.

All Ducati Models 2001:
We inspect the rear cylinder for oil leakage at the base gasket - Ducati changed the cases for this year and there is an oil feed hole that needs to be blocked off if there is a leak.