Regular Service

Ducati makes some of the most beautiful and thrilling road bikes on the planet along with some of the most sublime and brutally powerful racebikes a roadcourse will ever see. There is alot that goes into the design of these bikes to make them simple and effective machines to give the rider the best experience possible. Coming along with that are a set of basic service intervals to keep them running at peak performance and within specification. The services vary between the models – 2 valve, 4 valve, Desmoquattro, Testastretta, Evolution, 1000ds – but the basic mileage intervals work out as follows. Older Ducatis have slightly shorter service intervals - 6,000 and 12,000 miles. From 2007 on, most models have the longer 7,500 and 15,000 mile intervals.

600 Miles

This service is a minor one. Its role is to provide a check up on all the major components of the bike after its initial break-in period. Once the bike has these first miles on it, it can be looked at to make sure that all the parts are getting along together well, and it can be prepared for solid extended use.

6,000 / 7,500 Miles

This is the first major service for your Ducati. Valve clearances, timing belts, the fuel and cooling systems, cylinder compression, and bearings all get checked out. Throttle bodies get synched, fluids and filters changes, bearings and cush drives inspected, and a full range of safety checks is performed to make sure you are good to go until your next service interval.

12,000 / 15,000 Miles

Basically an expanded version of the 7.5K service, with the big change being the replacement of the timing belts. Timing belts have proved a very reliable and accurate means of controlling valve actuation, and with the introduction of Kevlar belts in the mid-90s, these belts last a very long time. However, replacing and setting the timing on these belts is critical for the life of your motor – failure can be unpleasant and expensive. NOTE - timing belts are changed at the second major service by mileage, but we and Ducati recommend changing them every two years regardless of how much you've been riding.