Winter Storage

ECS winter storage is the best way to keep your bike safe, warm and ready for next spring. We’ll prep your bike for storage, tend your battery and keep your bike warm, safe and dry. And, while it’s here, winter is the best time to get to those updates and modifications you’ve been meaning to do. Suspension, motor work, wheels, new exhaust, or that service you’ve been wanting to schedule… We can tackle all of it for you.

European Cycle Services suggested techniques for winter storage of your motorcycle.
Battery, oil and gas treatments.
Or - making your bike love you come spring!

Wash and wax your bike – get the bugs off a the windshield and clean those wheels. Motowax $12.98

Fill gas tank with fresh fuel and add specific amount of preferred Gas treatment
– We like Sta-bil, Castle, Star-tron and Parts Unlimited products available at the shop.
PU ‘better’ injector cleaner $6.98 or Sta-bil ‘storage’ $8.98
[Alternatively fill red 5gal gas can with fresh fuel, add measured amount of gas treatment to that and properly mix it up for multiple bikes and the lawn mower]

Take bike for short run up to operating temperature [to get gas additive into fuel system and warm oil and chain]

Put bike on rear stand. MotoD stands are a really good deal from $125 - $198

Clean [WD40] and Lube chain. Fabulous Motorex Strong Chain lube $12.98

Change Oil and filter – remember to get a new crush washer. Excellent Hiflo filters from $8.95

Track/Race bikes - think about your coolant! – will it freeze? Engine Ice coolant ½ gal $21.98

Fully Charge battery – or better yet - pull battery out of bike and keep fully charged in warm dry place.
We have seen problems with batteries left on chargers continuously – we suggest you fully charge once a month and disconnect charger – includes lithium batteries.

Ring terminal harness to connect battery to Battery charger $7.98

Recommended battery Chargers - Battery Tender Junior $35.98 or Battery Tender Plus $69.98

Plug exhaust end caps and air intakes with old socks – stops mice filling your exhaust and airbox with insulation and corn. Your old socks - free!

Store bike on stands if you have ‘em – keep tires off concrete floors where possible

Place mouse traps around garage with good quality cheese. Our mice are partial to Colston Basset Stilton @ $13.98lb before they get topped.

Cover the bike with an old fitted sheet and walk away till that joyful spring day next year - Don’t be tempted to start the bike during winter storage and don’t eat the cheese.

Winter storage at ECS November 1st through March 1St $460.00 [reduced rates with full service of bike]