Performance: Street

Modifying your bike is fun. Let’s face it. Having a bike that’s perfectly suited to you in the way it rides, the way it sounds and the way it looks is key. ECS has access to some of the most useful and beautiful upgrades that are available for your Ducati, Triumph, Aprilia and KTM motorcycles.


Quality, well sorted suspension components are really important to how your bike handles. Ducati equips some of their models with the most trick pieces available, others could use a bit of an upgrade… We service and sell Ohlins components and feel that they offer the best quality for the price. Let us replace your sagging forks or shock with a new piece, or service and re-spring your quality but tired components. You will be safer, more confident and comfortable, and faster too.


We like to make sure the bike stops before we work on making it faster. How long has that brake fluid been in there anyway? We can service what you’ve got to make it work like it did when it was new, but the advances in brake technology even over the past ten years have been just huge. New pad material, rotor design, and most importantly radial master cylinders and new caliper designs will take your braking to a whole new level of control. It’s not just about stopping quickly with massive braking power, it’s about being safely able to modulate and control your breaking to put your motorcycle exactly where it needs to be at the correct speed. This is true from basic road safety to the most virtuoso performance of trail braking our racers can perform.

Weight Reduction

Making your bike lighter can be a more cost effective way to make it faster than tuning or internal engine work.

A good place to start is unsprung weight. That is everything that exists at the end of your suspension, namely your wheels and brake components. Lighter weight wheels simply transform the handling and acceleration of your bike. Just think – all that mass in those heavy wheels must be spun up to high rotational speeds to make your bike accelerate in addition to moving the rest of the weight of the bike and rider. And then you’ve got the problem of having two enormous gyroscopes making your life difficult when you try and lean the thing over – gyros only want to move on a plane perpendicular to the axis of their rotation – i.e. the direction your bike is ALREADY going. Want to turn more precisely, and more quickly? Get rid of weight here first.

Once we’ve explored lighter wheels, rotors, bolts etc, lightning the back of the bike will help with weight distribution and handling – lighter sub frames and fender eliminators are a step in the right direction. Switching to carbon fiber bodywork, and even a carbon fuel tank will save considerable weight and keep your precious stock bodywork from harm in the even of an unfortunate moment.

Engine Work

Improving the power output of a motor can take two different approaches.

The first is basic blueprinting. This step ensures that all of the motor’s components are within specification and set up correctly to produce the most power. Ducati’s are brilliantly engineered, but they are also assembled by hand. We can go through your motor and make it perform as it was meant to. It will last longer, run better and make more power.

Once you’ve got the basic mill performing as it should, you can begin to improve things systematically. They key here is making sure any changes to the motor are going benefit overall power production without causing poor running, or power loss under certain conditions. Improving intake performance with a bigger airbox or throttle bodies, installing a full system or slip on exhaust, increasing displacement, or even compression, means setting the fuel / air ratio, cam and ignition timing to work with new components to make the most power. You can’t just slap a full system race exhaust on your bike without adjusting your fueling – it isn't going to perform the way you want. We’ve got the experience building and tuning motors to get the most out of them. We can help you select what will work, and tell what you will get for your money in terms of an increase in performance while helping you avoid choices that will hurt your motor in the long run.

Dyno Tuning

Tuning your bike on a Dyno is the best way to make sure things are working correctly and making power. If you make changes to your motor, add an exhaust, or just want your bike to run better this is where it all can be dialed in for you. And, having that freshly printed dyno sheet to stick on your fridge is pretty cool too.

A new service we are proud to offer is custom mapping on stock Ducati and Ducati Performance ECUs. We can map 5.9 Magneti Marelli and later ECUs, with custom fuel maps on individual cylinders for serious horsepower gains.

In addition, we build custom maps for all the systems below:



Power Commander

Tune Boy

Tune ECU