Things to Avoid When Driving a Manual Car


It is not hard to drive a manual car as you may think. When driving a manual car, it can involve the act of science and art packed in one gear. It could be a lot of fun to drive stick shift cars, you will find some usual tendencies that you may do due to habit and you must avoid it. You might be wondering about the things you should avoid when using your manual car. Below you will find some of the things to avoid and can help you a lot.

Rest Your Foot on the Clutch Pedal

When you place your foot on the clutch pedal it will make the clutch to engage partially which will result in slippage. It will then lower the efficiency of fuel because of transmission energy loss and it might also lead to premature wear out of the clutch. Another item that might also get damaged because of this is the throw out bearing which can touch the bearing diaphragm partially. So keep in mind that you should focus on the stick shift cars when driving.

Use the Clutch to Hold Yourself on a Hill

clutch diskYour friction wears out the clutch and material. So when driving your manual car you should pay attention to it. By practicing this it will influence your cars free roll practice which is made to let your car move smoothly and also this practice will wear out the transmission mechanism of your car.


Brake without Your Clutch

You will find that your car clutch aids in engaging of the gear. It as well crucial when the toning down greats in stopping. While braking, avoid dis-engaging your clutch till you reach the end. When you keep your car engaged for long in a break maneuver, you will use a lot of normal resistance of your car as possible making a short breaking distance with less wear on the brakes.

Use Incorrect Gear to Gain Speed

With the high gear in your car can let your travel in a high speed in a reduced engine that will help you save lots of fuel. However, if you want to gain speed, you have to observe keenly your gears so that you can prevent undue staining on your car engine. Your engine can strain in two methods, first, if using the lowest gear in a high speed making your engine reaches the red line. You should move to a higher speed only when your gear indicator permits you.