Basic Things to Consider When Buying an EV

An EV will surely decrease your carbon footprints. But while it is better for the environment than traditional cars, you may have to consider a lot of factors before making your final decision. Owning an electric vehicle can double costs, and you may be sacrificing some of the functions that your old car has been providing you.

But EV technology is always improving. While it may not be perfect yet, there must be a brand that is leading the way in EV technology. As an EV can command a higher sticker price, you can reduce costs if you enjoy rebates and tax credits to purchase an electric car. If you are from Colorado or Connecticut, you can have a 5,000 USD tax rebate.

With the state’s efforts to promote a greener environment and the vast improvements going on EV technology, there is no doubt electric cars are fast becoming the vehicles of tomorrow. When buying your new EV, it helps to consider the following.

Battery Life

One of the necessary things you should know about an EV is its battery life. While most EVs claim that their batteries can last for more than 5,000 miles, some batteries may not last that long. To make sure that you won’t need to spend on another battery, go for an electric car that offers a longer warranty.

Driving Range

It also pays to consider the time which you need to recharge. Some brands may require you to recharge after 100 miles. In contrast, other brands may allow you to travel for 350 miles. This crucial as there are fewer charging stations than gas outlets.

Firmware Upgrade

Electric cars have a software, hardware, and firmware that need to be updated regularly. Some brands may offer free services to update these technologies and are done periodically and automatically. Some companies may have to be reminded of the updates with corresponding charges.

Charging Station

This is one issue that you should address. If you are living in the city, this may not be an issue at all. But there may be some big towns that may not have many charging stations. If this is the case, you must have to install one in your garage.

As to other considerations like size or sitting capacity, color, and accessories, everyone has their preference. You must also know beforehand the many additional costs that may hound you. But if you have taken into account all of these and having an EV seem to be the best decision, you should be looking for the best brand right now.…